Humor 39 of the Greatest Drunk Ideas Ever  

Randy Cobb
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Alcohol is the prime influence behind many, many ideas - some incredibly stupid, but others unbelievably amazing. These GIFs are the best of the holdmybeer subreddit, those where everything goes much better than expected and hardly anyone gets hurt. These HMB gifs feature drunk geniuses getting away with incredibly feats that probably should have landed them in the hospital. Even watching them, you won't believe what these people have gotten away with. Vote up your favorites - and please, please don't be the idiot who tries any of these things at home.
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Hold Our Beers While We Sled the Whole Canoe

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Hold My Beer While I Jump Over This Island

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Hold My Beer While I Slip N Slide Off This Cliff

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Hold Your Beer Out So I Can Open It With This Frisbee

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