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Ashley Reign
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You know how sometimes you can go out on the town with your buddies, with nothing but the best of intentions, only to find yourself feeling a little too... excited about life? As most of us well know, nothing good tends to follow phrases such as “Dude, hold my beer and watch this…” or “Girl, hold my cosmo while I…” As it turns out, the same principles tend to hold true for cats on catnip, a fact which you’ll see hysterically played out below. 

Here we’ve assembled a collection of some of the most outrageous things that have ever happened after the phrase “Hold My Catnip” was uttered. Though cats on drugs don’t tend to be a huge worry of the public at large, below we feel you’ll find all the proof you need that it’s never too early to talk to your kittens about the dangers of over-indulgent nipping. So the next time you feel your furry little low-riders are in danger of getting a little too curious about the wonders of the nip underworld, gather them around the computer and come on in for a look at cats acting crazy after encounters with the green monster itself.

Here your furry little loved ones will learn that although nip may be natural, their behavior after indulging may likely be anything but. So don’t find yourself among the millions of fur-moms and dads out there who watch helplessly as their kittens go from casual users to full grown cats who nip alone each night. Check out the kitty druggies below and get the conversation rolling today.
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"Dude, It's the Cops! Hold My Nip While I Act Natural."

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"Dude! Hold My Nip While I Take Care of this Brazen Intruder!"

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"Hey Girl! Hold My Nip While I Show This Glow Bug We Don't Play."

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"Ah! Hold My Nip While I Save My Favorite Pillow from... Nooooo!"

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