Gifs 33 Instances of Instant Regret Captured in GIFs  

Ashley Reign
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Isn't it weird how the consequences of your bad decisions seem to play out in slow motion, while you watch in horror as things go awry? Well, we're about to do you one better. These funny regret gifs play out people's worst moments in hilarious loops! For that, you can thank the bold folks behind Reddit’s Instant Regret thread, who decided to use the power of GIFs to share some of their most embarrasing moments with the Internet. After all, in a world where there's a camera lurking around every corner, at some point you just have to learn to laugh along.

The next time you feel yourself about to fail in an epic way, try and see it as an opportunity to join those illustrious folks on this "best of instant regret" collection. As you may have already guessed, the following GIFs are not for the conservative or weak of heart. Here you’ll see some of the most hardcore regretting ever caught on film as you enter a world where the most innocent of actions can result in disaster! We’ve got everything from cats regretting their decisions to explore the bathtub, to guys regretting trying to put the moves on beer-drinking ladies.

So strap on your helmet and check them out if you dare! Below you’ll find enough funny GIFs of regret to keep you busy laughing at the misfortune of others while your friends upload your epic fail to YouTube. 
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This Guy Who Regrets Getting a Little Bold in the Car Wash

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This Guy Who's Regretting Ignoring That Pesky Guard Rail

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This Cat Who Regrets Her Flip Flop Fashion Statement

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This Girl Who Will Never Trust a Mirror Again

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