27 Of The Most Unhinged Nextdoor Posts From 2021

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The twitter account @BestofNextdoor takes the funniest and weirdest posts from the neighborhood social media app and brings us the highlights. 2021 provided a lot of crabby neighbors, weird pets, and tut-tutting posters. Be sure to give them a follow to bless your timeline with some of the best things on the internet. 

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    Mind Your Trash

    Apparently you can put your trash cans out too early? We honestly love to see this level of nitpicking, it's a kind of high art. 

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    Weird Parking

    So apparently this person was driving, and that was worthy of a report. Who has this kind of time?

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    Stop Your Laundry

    People love to use Nextdoor to police their neighbor's behaviors and the very smells that come from typical laundry use.

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    Posted By A Landlord

    This was absolutely posted by a landlord looking for a tip. What would they be tipped for? Cashing our checks in a timely manner?

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    Elevate Your Candy

    Another post where we're not sure what to believe. Did some snobby adult post this or a very clever kid?

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    Aloe Is A Red Flag

    @BestofNextdoor is a great place to find wild posts from parents whose sense of the world seems to have come from the 1950s. 

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