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Ashley Reign
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Back in 2013, Burlington Coat Factory customers were treated to a hysterical mistake when the actual company the Burlington Coat Factory linked to a parody Burlington Coat Factory Twitter on the actual Burlington Coat Factory website. The company eventually realized and corrected the hilarious error and were even aided by the delightfully random account owners who now proudly go by the handle @notcoatfactory. Here are some the most hilarious tweets from that aforementioned burlington coat factory parody twitter page for your viewing pleasure.

Though no one is sure who is actually behind the funny burlington coat factory parody tweets, one thing is delightfully certain- it’s not the Burlington Coat Factory.%20

So if your day at the office is starting to feel a little too routine or if you’ve found yourself lacking in the random department lately, this will be a nice dose of hilarity complete with the occasional mention of coats.%20
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The Bible: NBV (New Burlington Version)

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Who Knew Coats Could Be so Steamy?

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The Random Concerns of Coats

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Well, Never Hurts to Give It a Shot