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Joanne Phillips
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I have compiled a list of the best Paramore songs. As a diehard Paramore fan this is hard to do because I love every single track this talented band lay their hands on. But I'm trimming down to the best of the best, and here it is, with live performance videos as proof. See you guys at the concert!

My Heart

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My Heart has to be the most beautiful love song ever and it's definitely a fan favorite. It's one of Paramore's most highly requested songs to be played live and here they do at the 2008 OC Fair in California. The lyrics, the raw emotion and the complete self-abandonment is what makes this #1 on my list. There's two versions of this song, the acoustic and the "screamo." I've attached the acoustic version on the left because it really showcases Hayley Williams' vocals at its finest. Plus, I'm in awe of how torn up my heart feels at the end of this performance. She starts singing at 0:27, and ever known for her close interactions with the crowd, ends with a surging 2-minute singalong. If you're heart isn't on the ground by the end of this song, you're pretty much a rock in my book.

Josh Farro screaming into a mic, though? You can't miss it. Here's another killer performance of "My Heart" performed in the UK in 2009. Which one do you like better?

Brick by Boring Brick

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If you want energy, then here you have it. One thing that Paramore doesn't shy away from is propelling forward. The introduction of this song itself is like a mini vengeance.

Make that major vengeance. Paramore is tearing down the fantasy of fairy tales one brick at a time, and each lyric and chord--executed with such conviction--proves that there ain't no stopping them now.

And Hayley's outfit looks cute here.

That's What You Get

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Hayley Williams' vocals here are crystal clear. This is as good as it gets.

Hands down, "That's What You Get" is the athem on Paramore's "Riot" album. It's such a happy song, and you can't help but shout along!

Playing God

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This is to me is a good song because of it's simplicity. There's nothing really sophisticated about it, and that's why it works. The lyrics are powerful enough to hold everything together and the chorus is really catchy. The overall vibe is groovy, something to bob to. Surprising, in a good way, because Paramore usually requires a headbang.