Weird Nature The 20 Most Incredible Photos From Paul Nicklen's Instagram  

Kellen Perry
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Since 1995, award-winning nature photographer and documentarian Paul Nicklen has specialized in capturing animal life in some of the least hospitable spots on planet, including Antarctica. Nicklen's background as a biologist and his childhood among the Inuit, along with his masterful eye and reverence for the fragility and beauty of nature, are cited by National Geographic - a frequent collaborator - as just a few reasons he's one of the best nature photographers in the world.

The best of Paul Nicklen's Instagram, collected in the gallery below, are some of the most amazing nature pictures you can find on the web. From battle-scarred polar bears to adorable newborn seals to mind-boggling shots of the aurora borealis, Nicklen's 'gram gets you about as close to these natural landscapes as you can without being there in the flesh. 

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Aurora Borealis, Norway

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