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The Best Episodes From Seinfeld Season 7

Updated 8 Jan 2018 114 votes 14 voters24 items

There are so many great episodes of Seinfeld in season 7, but which are your absolute favorite? This list ranks every episode of Seinfeld season 7 from best to worst, with the help of your votes.

The seventh season of Seinfeld premiered on September 21, 1995, and consisted of 24 episodes, with one season-long arc being George's engagement to Susan Ross and his attempts to end it. Season 7 of Seinfeld garnered 11 Emmy nominations with one win for Julia Louis-Dreyfus for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series."

Which Seinfeld season 7 episode did you like better, "The Calzone" or "The Rye"? Vote up the best episodes from Seinfeld season 7 that you'd like to see at the top of the list.

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