The Greatest Shower Thoughts Ever Thought

The subreddit /r/Showerthoughts is full of brilliant, concise insights thought up in that great, steamy thinktank: the shower. We (most of us) bathe in quiet solitude, with neither friends nor social media to entertain us lest we get our devices wet and ruin them. Amidst all that lathering and rinsing, the mind wanders, and for the duration of each shower, anything is possible.

 What do you think about during your most vulnerable moments? Space travel? The strange ways we use language? How cats have whisker-eyebrows and nobody really talks about it? This list collects the best of the Shower Thoughts subreddit – with credit to their original thinkers – for you to enjoy, ponder, and rank. Vote up the ones that make you be like, "Yeah. Yep." 
  • 1

    Most people can eat the same breakfast weeks in a row, without complaint. But the same dinner for weeks? Now, that's just insanity.

  • 2

    Everyone actually has 3 voices, the one in your head, the one you hear when you talk and the one that everyone else hears instead.

  • 3

    I wonder how many times I've walked past or come into contact with a murderer.

  • 4

    History classes are only going to get longer and harder as time goes on.

  • 5

    Fish who are caught and released are like the aquatic equivalent of people who claim to have been abducted by aliens.

  • 6

    Saying "um" is the human equivalent to buffering.

  • 7

    If the oldest person on earth is 116 years old, then 117 years ago, there was a completely different set of human beings on earth.

  • 8

    Technically, it's impossible to skip breakfast. The first time you eat during a day is when you "break your fast."

  • 9

    "my entire life has led up to this moment" is always true.

  • 10

    Let's take a moment to appreciate that mother nature not only pre-sliced but also pre-wrapped oranges.

  • 11

    Most of my clothes have been to countries that I have not.

  • 12

    Cars should have two horns: one is a "nice" one, the other is a "mean" one.

  • 13

    When you're a kid, d*ck jokes are considered adult content, but when you're an adult, they're considered immature.

  • 14

    Aliens invaded the Moon on July 20th, 1969.

  • 15

    If I'm lucky, my internal organs will never see the light of day.

  • 16

    I have no idea what I've forgotten.

  • 17

    A group of squid should be called a squad.

  • 18

    We say "hair" when referring to lots of it but we say "hairs" when referring to a few.

  • 19

    Getting birthday money is the real life equivalent of passing 'go' and collecting $200.

  • 20

    Asking someone "where are you" is a recent thing. Before we had mobile phones, the only way we could talk to people is if we knew where they were.

  • 21

    If mary had baby jesus, and jesus is the lamb of god.... Then mary really did have a little lamb.

  • 22

    "Squawks" said backwards still sounds the same even though it's not a palindrome

  • 23

    "Arms" is another word for guns, and "guns" is another word for arms.

  • 24

    We rescue homeless animals and shun homeless people.

  • 25

    I bet attractive people think the world is a lot more polite than it really is.