29 Cats Who Didn't See You There

Ever met one of those people who pride themselves on having nerves of steel and the stealth of a leaf in the wind? Well, if you’re a pet lover, don’t be surprised if the first buddy that comes to mind is your furry little resident ninja, a.k.a. your cat. For centuries now, members of the feline community around the world have prided themselves on their ability to stay cool as a cucumber in a snow storm, no matter how hectic their surroundings may seem. Here however, we’ve gathered a collection of startled cats which may just expose a secret long guarded by kitty kind: there are indeed such things as surprised cats.

These hysterically cute GIFs show startled cats jumping at everything - from other kitties they didn’t see there, to objects that just made a funny noise, to ice cubes that just gave them a brain freeze. Whether they’re leaping sky high at sudden movements or crinkly bags, these kitties are super funny to look at.  

Vote up the funniest GIFs and photos of cats who didn't see you there, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section.  
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    "Preen, Preen, Preen... Ahhhh! Ghost Kitty!"

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    "Mooooom! De Waves Tried to Get Me!"

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    "Dah! We're Under Attack! Initiate Totally Back Defense!"

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    "Well Jan, We're Not Sure Why They Call Him Espresso but... Dahhh!'