Holidays Perfect Tweets to Prepare You for Your Family Thanksgiving  

Damon Davis
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You know how every year at the Thanksgiving family reunion, everybody seems to have that one relative that just can't stay outta everyone else's business? Maybe you got that one aunt who always wants to talk about how you should be raising your kids instead of how she used her baby’s child support to buy that weave? Or maybe you got a cousin who wants to talk about how you can’t hold a girl instead of how he can’t hold a job? Well, as it turns out, not only can plenty of other folks on Twitter relate, this year they’ve all banded together to create a hilarious thread of funny Thanksgiving tweets called #thanksgivingclapback.

For those who aren’t familiar, a Thanksgiving clap back is basically a Black Twitter Thanksgiving thread that involves the posting of all your best Thanksgiving comebacks to classic snarky comments from relatives. Not only are these funny Thanksgiving family tweets hilarious, they’ll have you armed and ready with the perfect comeback when you see “that one aunt” gearing up to throw an insult your way.

So get ready to take your power back this year. You’ll be serving up those witty retorts like "that one aunt" is always insisting on serving up her nasty casseroles.
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You Need Some Aloe Auntie? Cause You Just Got Burned.
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When Auntie Wanna Talk Men
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Awwwww Snap
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When Auntie Wanna Talk Commitment
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