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If we know anything about white people, it’s that they hate spicy foods and love mayonnaise. Those two things are the basis for the “ThanksgivingWithWhiteFamilies” hashtag that’s blowing up on social media and even if all of the memes aren’t 100% true, they’re 100% funny. No matter what kind of family you’re from, Thanksgiving can be a hassle, and have its own ups and downs. It’s just that Thanksgiving with white families tends to feature more gross casseroles than any other Thanksgiving. Whether that’s because casseroles were the first dish to come off the Mayflower, or because the creamed vegetables remind white folks of their heritage is anybody’s guess. The one thing that no one’s guessing about are these funny white people Thanksgiving tweets.

Some people on the Internet haven’t taken too kindly to all the jokes flying around with the ThanksgivingWithWhiteFamilies hashtag, and rather than sift through all the white tears being cried online, just look this list of the funniest and best tweets about having Thanksgiving with white people. If you’ve ever been to Thanksgiving with a white family, you know the turkey is always a little under seasoned, and the conversation is always a little stilted (until the Chardonnay starts flowing, that is). If you’re a white Thanksgiving virgin, then feast your eyes on the magic that is Thanksgiving with white people.

Vote up the funniest tweets, Instagrams, and memes about white people at Thanksgiving. And make sure to leave everyone a comment about how your family is “so totally not like that.”
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