43 People Having Worse Days Than You

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"Schradenfreude" is a German word that describes the feeling of pleasure a person gets when witnessing other people's misfortune. There is no equivalent word in the English language, but that doesn't mean that the feeling doesn't exist. Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a certain amount of relief derived from seeing someone who is having a worse day than you are. This list is full of funny GIFs and pictures of people who would have been better off if they hadn't gotten out of bed.

The funny accidents are mostly just bad luck like a car sinking into quicksand or a giant ice ball hitting you in the face. It could happen to anyone, and that's why it's such a relief to click through this list and remind yourself that things could be worse. Check out the subreddit wellthatsucks for more of the best bad day pics.

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    These People Investigating This Manhole



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    This Guy Who Got a Ticket AND His Car Ruined


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    This Car Being Swallowed into Hell (RIP Probably?)


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    This Fine Gentleman Who Just Manured Himself

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    This Guy Who Didn't Want to Risk His Wiper Blade


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    This Blue-Jacketed Man Who Falls Twice. Wait for It...



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