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The 25 Best Off-Road Vehicles Of All Time

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Seek out nature’s healing embrace in one of the best off-road vehicles. Now is the perfect time to research the best 4x4 off-road vehicle for your needs, be sure to take into account the area you're most likely to go off-roading and peruse the list below. You'll be ready to go on your adventure, and to rock and roll in one of these cars that can chew up rocks and mud just as much as it does pavement.

Fear not fellow gearheads, we've included some classics as well as new off-road warriors on this list. So enjoy getting acquainted with the best off-road SUV’s, best off-road trucks, and best off-road campers for those times when you just want to get away from it all. Whether you’re looking for a rugged SUV, cheap off-road car, or classic off-road vehicle these models have been ranked by real-life off-road enthusiasts, and one these off-road cars is sure to catch your eye.

  • Yes, all of them. With features like their low center of gravity (thanks to their patented Boxer engines, the same style found in the likes of Porsche) and trend-setting all-wheel drive, Subaru makes some of the best off-road vehicles on the planet. There’s very few models that need be avoided due to factory flaws, so just about every Subaru manufactured is an excellent buy. Plus, they come new from the dealer with amazing factory warranties and maintenance plans.

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  • This car is widely considered to be the forefather of recreational off-road vehicles. The first CJ was launched in 1944, as a way to meet the growing demand for civilian 4x4’s. They were basically modified versions of the “scout” cars commissioned by the US military for WWII. These SUV’s were bulletproof, but incredibly utilitarian. The 3A was the first CJ to feature “luxuries” such as extra leg and headroom, leakproof connections between the canvas roof and side doors, and additional seat padding. The 3B further revolutionized the market with the introduction of the F-Head Hurricane engine, whose novel inlet-over-exhaust design allowed for higher compression ratios and improved flow. These designs set the stage for Jeep style SUV’s for years to come, including the Land Rover brand, and iconic Toyota Land Cruiser.

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  • Another Toyota truck that’s proven itself off-road is the beloved “Taco.” In 2015, Toyota offered an additional trim level dubbed “TRD Pro.” This edition offers upgraded Bilstein shock, all-terrain tires, Pro skid plates. The 2020 model boasts a Desert Air Intake, which sits high above the windshield - perfect for playing in the mud and water.

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  • The Defender seamlessly blends on-road comfort with off-roading capabilities, thanks to its roots in the original Land Rover models. Those rugged vehicles were perfect as off-road rescue and post-office vehicles, but lacking in the luxuries department. Over the years, they added various quality-of-life upgrades, such as expanded drivetrain options, transmissions with synchros for smoother operation, more comfortable interiors, and coil-spring suspensions in place of leaf springs. By 1990, the Defender brand was officially in place, representing the combination of Land Rover’s indominable off-roading prowess with comfort, style, and luxury.

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