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As office life has a reputation for being drab and draining, many companies looking to recruit the best talent have turned to cool office perks as a means of attraction. A recent poll indicated a whopping 52% of employees are not satisfied with the perks they receive. So, the question for companies is, what office perks are best?

Good employer benefits include simple things like a cool office space or free drinks and snacks in the company fridge. There are also bigger, more complex benefits, like employee healthcare or unlimited parental leave. For those employees who crave a little luxury, imagine the convenience of being able to get a haircut without having to leave the office or being treated to a massage simply for showing up. The best office perks help make employees' lives more convenient and less stressful, creating a positive atmosphere overall. Browse this list of the top office perks below to identify what you're really looking for in your next employer. 

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  • Cash/Bonuses
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  • Health Insurance
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    Health Insurance

  • Flexible Schedule
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    Flexible Schedule

  • 401(k) Matching
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    401(k) Matching

  • Option To Work Remotely
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    Option To Work Remotely

  • Free Housing
    128 votes

    Free Housing