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People Shared Their Genius (But Kind Of Sinister) Office Pranks That Will Seriously Make You Laugh

You clock in at work in the early morning, punch out in the afternoon for lunch, and clock out for good when evening approaches. The schedule is predictable - monotonous even - and sometimes you crave just a bit of variety to spice up the day. There's a way to make the office seem a tiny bit more fun, though. You have coworkers, and coworkers aren't just good weather conversationalists; they're also the perfect patsies to prank. Now you, of course, shouldn't take advantage of your fellow workmates, but you can prank them in good fun. 

Certain Reddit pranksters have even contributed stories about their wild office pranks, and their genius stunts can serve as great inspiration. Prank a coworker, why don't you? He or she will probably appreciate the break from boredom - or leave a passive aggressive note if they don't particularly enjoy it. A slew of hilarious office pranks are below, ready to be added to your arsenal.

  • They Replaced A Coworker's Family Photos

    From Redditor/u/littleredhoodlum

    One of my coworkers has a ton of family pictures all over his desk and walls. I was slowly changing them all to pictures of me. I worked really hard to find similar pictures to replace them. I even traveled to some of the places to replicate them. I just about had them all when another guy we worked with asked him why he had so many pictures of me. He thought this married guy had a crush on me or something.

  • They Pretended To Scratch A Manager's Brand New Car

    From Redditor/u/FinalEdit:

    You know how you can fray Duct tape and pull off long little sticky threads of it?

    So I pulled off a single long piece of it, and put it down the side of my manager's brand new car. Looks like a deep, horrifying scratch on the paintwork.

    The look on his face when we went out for a smoke. He threw his hands onto his head, his knees went weak and he basically crawled over to it, and pulled the thread of sticky duct tape off easily.

  • He Replaced His Coworker's Business Clothes With Hawaiian Shirts

    From Redditor/u/JedLeland

    There's a guy in my office who often comes to work in jeans and a t-shirt and changes into his work clothes in his office. He's taken over half of a closet next to my cubicle with his dress clothes.

    A few years ago, on March 31, I came into the office around midnight and swapped his clothes for some Hawaiian shirts, checked pants, basically a whole wardrobe of the loudest clothes I could find at a thrift store.

    When I got there the next morning, he was closed up in his office. His secretary told me that he'd been having a pretty rotten week in terms of workload and was in a foul mood. Finally, he emerged wearing his jeans and t-shirt. He sort of grunted a hello at me, opened the closet door, and just stood there for probably 10-15 seconds trying to wrap his brain around what was in front of him. Finally he just started cracking up laughing, and put on one of the more "understated" outfits. He spent the rest of the day trying to figure out who had done it; meanwhile, people from all around the office came to behold my handiwork. I finally fessed up at the end of the day. He swore revenge although he still hasn't made his move.

  • He Made A Coworker Think A Paperclip Was Stuck In The Copy Machine

    From Redditor/u/IrishGuyGolfer

    I made 20 copies of a paperclip and put them in the paper tray of copier. A woman in my office made a copy and got the paperclip in the pictures and thought there was a paperclip in the copy machine somewhere. She was searching and searching and even went and got a flashlight and started looking everywhere in the machine. She was opening up drawers and panels for 20 minutes. It was pretty fun to watch.