Office Pranksters Describe The Best Prank They've Ever Pulled On A Coworker 

Samantha Dillinger
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No matter how much you love your job, every place of business can get a little boring. The everyday work routine can turn into a real slog, which is why some people choose liven things up at the expense of one of their co-workers.

Made even more popular by the likes of The Office and Office Space, prank wars at work can range from clever to mundane and unnoticed to sometimes extreme. Office pranksters explained their best pranks to Reddit, and we collected some of the best below if you're looking for a bit of inspiration.

They Made Their Desktop Unclickable

From Redditor /u/anon_e_mous9669:

I worked with a guy who was kind of an a**hole and not very computer literate. He acted as though he was better than everyone because our business process had a bottleneck where he had to review documents, so he basically acted... self-important...

One day when he was in a meeting, I noticed he had left his computer unlocked and also that no one else was around when I happened to walk by his cubicle (I did not work near him).

I hopped on his machine real quick, took a screenshot of his desktop and the 400 file icons he kept on the desktop, and then made a folder on his C drive called "Desktop Icons" and moved them all in there and set his desktop background to the screen shot.

It took him the rest of the day to figure out what was wrong and he had like a vendetta about finding out who did it, but since no one like him, no one would give him any clues it was me.

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They Used An Extra Mouse To Drive A Co-Worker Nuts

From Redditor /u/Petrus_was_taken:

Plug a extra mouse in a coworkers computer. Leave it under the desk so you can reach it with your foot.

Don't overdo it but once in a while slightly nudge the mouse if he is using his mouse.

If you do this well you can keep it up for days.

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They Completely Swapped Everything On Two Desks

From a former Redditor:

Two of my co-workers sat across from each other. One day they were both out and our boss says, "Hey let's switch their cubes while they're gone," so we did exactly that. We literally moved everything so their desks were exactly the same but on opposite sides.

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They Made A Chair Impossible To Sit In

From Redditor /u/forman98:

Pretty simple to do, but zip tie the lever that adjusts the height of the chair so that when they sit in it, it lowers all the way down. Then when they get up, it raises back up.

It will take them a minute to think about looking under the seat, and it's funny to watch them sink when they sit down.

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