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The Best 'Office Space' Quotes

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The best Office Space quotes make you realize how funny the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from Office Space, with the help of your votes. Starring Ron Livingston, Jennifer Aniston, and David Herman, Office Space was directed by Mike Judge and released in 1999.

What are your favorite lines from Office Space? One of the memorable one-liners was when Peter said, "I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be." Another great line from Office Space is, "I'm going to need those TPS reports... ASAP." spoken by Bill Lumbergh.

Vote up your top Office Space quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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    My Stapler

    Milton Waddams: Y-- Excuse me. You-- I believe you have my stapler?


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      You've Been Missing

      Bob Porter: Looks like you've been missing a lot of work lately.

      Peter Gibbons: Well, I wouldn't exactly say I've been missing it, Bob.


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        Absolutely Nothing

        Peter Gibbons: I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be.


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          Eight, Bob

          Peter Gibbons: You see, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't even care.

          Bob Porter: Don't- don't care?

          Peter Gibbons: It's a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my *ss off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don't see another dime, so where's the motivation? And here's another thing, I have eight different bosses right now.

          Bob Slydell: I beg your pardon?

          Peter Gibbons: Eight bosses, Bob.

          Bob Porter: Eight?

          Peter Gibbons: Eight, Bob. So that means when I make a mistake, I have eight different people coming by to tell me about it. That's my only real motivation is not to be hassled, that and the fear of losing my job. But you know, Bob, that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired.


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