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K-pop Idols Who Are Dating In 2021

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Here all the official Kpop couples of 2021. Only including couples with former and current idols, K-pop idols in relationships also includes famous couples, like Hyuna and E'Dawn, to rumored couples, like Big Bang's G-Dragon and Blackpink's Jennie, this list of idols who are dating will continually be updated as more dating rumors are announced.

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    Hyuna & E'Dawn

    Photo: Hyuna / Instagram

    The news of former 4Minute member Hyuna and ex-Pentagon member E'Dawn dating led to one of the bigger Kpop stories of 2018. After photos of the couple were released on August 2, 2018, Cube Entertainment quickly shot down the dating rumors. However, later that day, both Hyuna and E'Dawn confirmed the rumors during an interview. According to them, they started dating in May 2016, while working together in their Triple H group. Cube Entertainment ended both their contracts shortly after in fall 2018. 

    On January 27, 2019, Hyuna and E'Dawn signed with PSY's new agency, P-Nation. 

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    Kang Daniel & Jihyo (TWICE)

    Photo: KONNECT Entertainment/JYP Entertainment

    On August 5, 2019, former Wanna One member Kang Daniel and TWICE leader Jihyo were confirmed to be dating by their respective agencies, KONNECT Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. The news came a week after Daniel's solo debut. According to various reports, the two Kpop stars started dating earlier in the year after being set up by 2AM member Seulong. 

    Most of their dates took place at Daniel's luxury villa in Hannam-dong as to avoid being seen in public together. The pair reportedly were together on July 25, the day of his solo debut.  

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    Crush & Joy (Red Velvet)

    Photo: P Nation

    On August 23, 2021, South Korean news outlet Sports Chosun reported that Red Velvet's Joy and R&B singer Crush were dating. Shortly after the report was published, both Joy and Crush confirmed their relationship online to their fans.

    Crush and Joy collaborated on the single "Mayday" in 2020 and remained in touch afterwards. According to statements made by P Nation and SM Entertainment, the pair "had a senior-junior relationship, but they recently began dating with good feelings toward each other.”

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    Ryeowook (SUPER JUNIOR) & Ari

    Photo: SM Entertainment / DreamStar Entertainment

    On September 29, 2020, Label SJ confirmed SUPER JUNIOR's Ryeowook and former TAHITI member Ari were dating. The label stated that they were initially "close as senior and junior artists," but are now in a romantic relationship. The pair reportedly met through an acquaintance. 

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