The Best Ohio State Buckeyes Wide Receivers Of All Time

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The best Ohio State Buckeyes wide receivers ever have all had a part in making Ohio State one of the top-tier Division I college programs in the nation. While the early days of the college game were dominated by running backs, the rise of high-powered, high-scoring offenses means wide receivers have become a key piece of the college strategy.

Older players like Cris Carter and Gary Williams made their mark in the history of Ohio State’s offense with their great performances in the past, as newer players like Michael Jenkins and Devin Smith carried on that legacy with tremendous talent and skill. The Buckeyes have had many wide receivers go on to the NFL, and some even had Hall of Fame-level careers, but it all started with their days starting for Ohio State football.

So which of these players from Ohio State’s long history deserves to rank near the top of the list? Who are the best Buckeyes WRs of all-time? Vote below, and if you see any players missing from the list who should be considered, feel free to add them as well.

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