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The Best OK Go Albums, Ranked

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We're ranking the best OK Go albums of all time. One of the best bands from Illinois, OK Go's discography features several popular songs, like "This Too Shall Pass" and "I Won't Let You Down" and a Best Music Video Grammy for "Here It Goes Again." What is the greatest OK Go album ever?

From their self-titled debut album to their 2014 album Hungry Ghosts, this list of OK Go albums also includes Oh No and Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

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    1. Upside Down & Inside Out
    2. The Writing's on the Wall
    3. Another Set of Issues
    4. Turn Up the Radio
    5. Obsession
    6. I'm Not Through
    7. Bright as Your Eyes
    8. I Won't Let You Down
    9. The One Moment
    10. If I Had a Mountain
    11. The Great Fire
    12. Lullaby

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      1. Get Over It
      2. Don't Ask Me
      3. You're So Damn Hot
      4. What to Do
      5. 1000 Miles per Hour
      6. Shortly Before the End
      7. Return
      8. There's a Fire
      9. C-C-C-Cinnamon Lips
      10. The Fix Is In
      11. Hello, My Treacherous Friends
      12. Bye Bye Baby

      Pitchfork score: 2.6

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        1. WTF?
        2. This Too Shall Pass
        3. All Is Not Lost
        4. Needing/Getting
        5. Skyscrapers
        6. White Knuckles
        7. I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe
        8. End Love
        9. Before the Earth Was Round
        10. Last Leaf
        11. Back from Kathmandu
        12. While You Were Asleep
        13. In the Glass

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          1. Invincible
          2. Do What You Want
          3. Here It Goes Again
          4. A Good Idea at the Time
          5. Oh Lately It's So Quiet
          6. It's a Disaster
          7. A Million Ways
          8. No Sign of Life
          9. Let It Rain
          10. Crash the Party
          11. Television, Television
          12. Maybe, This Time
          13. The House Wins

          Pitchfork score: 2.2

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