30 Weird Slang Terms Old-Timey Hobos Actually Used

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Are you tired of 21st century lingo like woke, fleek, tho, adorbs, or [INSERT HOT NEW SLANG HERE]? Maybe it's time to borrow a corn liquor-soaked page from late 19th- and early 20th-century vagrants and start using some old-timey hobo slang!

Not all hobo terminology or historical hobo words are fit for 21st-century sensibilities, however. Telling your friends you'll meet them in the "lee of a reefer," as cool as that sounds, is meaningless unless you are literally going to join them in a refrigerated boxcar. There are also some things hobos used to say that are unforgivably racist and better left unmentioned. But the list below features some hot hobo slang you can safely integrate into your day-to-day life.

So go twist a dream (if you're so inclined), pour a hot cup of pile driver, and check out some of the best hobo slang to bump gums with your friends about.

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    Coffin Nails

    Cigarettes, cuz they'll put you in the bone orchard.

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    Bone Orchard

    A graveyard.

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    Dead Soldier

    An empty bottle of booze on the side of the road.

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    Nickel Note

    A five-dollar bill.

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    Cupid's Itch

    Venereal disease.

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    Your teeth.