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The Best Wrestlers Over 40 Still Wrestling

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Wrestling is a difficult sport on your body, and it doesn't get any easier as you get older. The oldest wrestlers, still wrestling after their 40th birthday, are doing more than aging gracefully - they're aging powerfully, and somehow getting better in the ring as time goes on. We've put together this list of current wrestlers over 40 from all the different promotions, and that includes a lot of the oldest wrestlers in the WWE.

Many of these wrestlers who are 40 and older have stepped back from the ring to a degree as they expand their focus to include acting. Both John Cena, Chris Jericho, and Kane still rock the ring between personal and creative projects but not as often as they used to. Other older wrestlers, like Matt and Jeff Hardy, are still finding new storylines and holding their own against younger wrestlers. There are even wrestlers over 50 years old like Dr. Wagner Jr. who doesn't seem to plan on stopping any time soon.

There are so many old wrestlers who are great at what they do, but we need you to vote up the best active wrestlers who are 40 and older who are still truly the best of the best!