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The Best Olive Oil Brands for Cooking

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Olive oil has made a serious comeback over the past decade. It's almost (almost) given butter the boot, since it's a healthier, sexier ingredient to be using in the kitchen. Olive oil is delicious in many recipes, but the best olive oil brands also make a product that's great for dipping bread. The top olive oil brands range in price, but there's a good olive oil company for every budget. Read through this list of the best olive oil brands on the market to get some ideas for your next purchase!

There's a different kind of allure when it comes to olive oil; it's the bougie version of vegetable oil and the vegan equivalent to butter. It's made all over the world (how very cultural of you, olive oil) in countries like Italy, France, Spain and even the United States. As you've started to glean, olive oil is the "it" girl of the oil aisle.

Several grocery stores offer their own brands of olive oil for their costumers. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Walmart (Great Value) all made this list of the top olive oil brands, because their consumers love what they're putting out. Kirkland Signature, Costco's in-house brand, also makes a tasty and affordable olive oil.

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