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The Best Olympic Athletes from South Korea

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South Korea has always sent in their top athletes to compete for the gold in the Olympic games for both the summer and winter events. Below, you'll find the best South Korean Olympians of all time. These athletes have had the honor of representing their country at the prestigious Olympic games. South Korean athletes from every era all have their place in the Olympic history books, but which South Korean Olympian is the best of them all? Help decide below! 

You can decide who the greatest Olympic competitor from South Korea is by how many medals they took back to their country, but that isn't the only factor that comes into play. Which athletes are truly iconic, memorable, and inspiring? Keep this in mind when casting your votes.

Who are the greatest Olympians from South Korea? Vote for your favorite South Korea Olympic athletes on this list, and down vote the ones that you don't think had a huge impact on South Korea.

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