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The Best Olympic Athletes from United States Of America

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List RulesAthletes from any sport who have competed in the Olympics

List of the greatest Olympic athletes from United States of America, with photos when available. These are the best United States of America Olympians of all time who have had the honor of representing their country at the prestigious Olympic games. United States of America athletes from every era all have their place in the Olympic history books, but which United States of America Olympian is the best of them all? You can decide who the greatest Olympic competitor from United States of America is by how many medals they took back to their country, but that isn't the only factor that comes into play when considering who the best really is.

A list made up of athletes like Dwight Howard and Lamar Odom.

This list answers the questions, "Who is the best United States of America Olympian of all time?" and "Who are the greatest Olympians from United States of America?"

America, Russia and Great Britain have the most Olympic medals out of every country that has been represented in the Olympics, but it doesn't mean that Olympic competitors from other nations don't deserve accolades as well. Vote for your favorite United States of America Olympic athletes on this list, and downvote the ones that you don't think had a huge impact on United States of America.
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