The Best Olympic Athletes in Archery

List of the best archery Olympic athletes of all time, with photos of the athletes when available. The famous archery event Olympians on this list are all regarded as some of the toughest athletes to have ever competed at the Olympics. Almost every one of these historic archery Olympians have taken home a medal, which is why they've earned a spot on this list. Only the greatest archery Olympic athletes are featured on the front page of this list, so be sure to vote for who you believe are the best archery athletes and vote down the ones you disagree with.

List includes Marco Galiazzo, Viktor Ruban and more.

This list answers the questions, "Who are the greatest Olympic archery athletes?" and "Who is the best archery competitor of all time?"
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  • Sophie Bradley
    45 votes
    • Olympic Country: United Kingdom
    • Date Of Birth: 10-20-1989
    • Place Of Birth: Nottingham, United Kingdom, England, United Kingdom, with Dependencies and Territories
    • Olympic Sport: Soccer
    • Nationality: England
    • Olympic Games Participant: The London 2012 Summer Olympics
    Sophie Elizabeth Bradley-Auckland (born 20 October 1989) is an English international football defender who plays for Liverpool. She previously played for her local club Nottingham Forest, moving to ...more
  • Vic Wunderle
    89 votes
    • Olympic Country: United States of America
    • Date Of Birth: 03-04-1976
    • Place Of Birth: Mason City,United States of America,Illinois,Mason County
    • Olympic Sport: Archery
    • Olympic Medalist Event Competition: Archery at the 2000 Summer Olympics - Men's individual
    • Olympic Medalist Event: Men's Archery, individual
    • Olympic Medalist Games: 2000 Summer Olympics
    • Olympic Games Participant: 2008 Summer Olympics
    • Olympic Medals Won: Silver medal
    Victor Steven "Vic" Wunderle (born March 4, 1976 in Lincoln, Illinois) is an archer from the United States.
  • Im Dong-Hyun
    82 votes
    • Olympic Country: South Korea
    • Date Of Birth: 05-12-1986
    • Olympic Sport: Archery
    • Olympic Medalist Event Competition: Archery at the 2008 Summer Olympics - Men's team
    • Olympic Medalist Event: Men's Archery, team
    • Olympic Medalist Games: 2008 Summer Olympics
    • Olympic Games Participant: 2008 Summer Olympics
    • Olympic Medals Won: Gold medal
    Im Dong-Hyun (Korean: 임동현; Hanja: 林東賢; Korean pronunciation: [im.doŋ.ɦjʌn]; born 12 May 1986) is a South Korean archer. He competes for the South Korean national team and is a former world number ...more
  • Brady Ellison

    Brady Ellison

    Age: 34
    21 votes
    • Date Of Birth: 1988-10-27
    Brady 'The Arizona Cowboy' Ellison (born October 27, 1988) is an American archer who competes in recurve archery. He is currently a Resident Athlete at the United States Olympic Training Center in ...more
  • John David Burnes

    John David Burnes

    Age: 34
    46 votes
    • Olympic Country: Canada
    • Date Of Birth: 1988-04-26
    • Olympic Sport: Archery
    • Nationality: Canada
    • Olympic Games Participant: 2008 Summer Olympics
    John David Burnes is an Olympic athlete from Canada, who competes in archery. He participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics, both individually and with the Canadian Men's Team.
  • Sophie Dodemont

    Sophie Dodemont

    Age: 48
    34 votes
    • Date Of Birth: 1973
    Sophie Dodemont (born August 30, 1973 in Pont-Sainte-Maxence) is a female archer from France. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing Dodemont finished her ranking round with a total of 632 points. ...more