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The Best One Piece Video Games of All Time

To date there have been nearly 50 One Piece video games released, but which are worth playing? Here's our ranked list of the best One Piece games, made possible by your votes. This list contains every One Piece game from every platform, including Playstation 2, PSP, Gamecube, and more. As a fan of the series you want every game to be amazing, but unfortunately that just isn't the case. Some games have crappy controls but amazing exploration, while others have amazing fighting but poor stories. That being said, there are some really great games where you take control of Luffy and kick some pirate butt. The Unlimited Cruise series has some really fun exploration, so definitely play those if you want to explore the One Piece universe. Other games like Pirate Warriors 3 and Pirate Warriors 4 have amazing action elements to them, including realistic fighting. If you've played any of these games please give them an upvote or downvote, depending on whether or not you would recommend them to another OP fan.