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The 15 Greatest 'One Piece' Non-Canon Ships

While this is an anime about pirates, we are not talking about the literal pirate ships in this anime! Rather, we’re here to talk about some of the greatest romantic couplings to ever come out of one of the most popular, and longest running, anime out there. The One Piece anime aired in October of 1999, having been a manga since 1997. Since it started, it’s had over 900 chapters and over 900 episodes for fans to watch and follow. That’s a lot of content and a lot of time to invest if you really want to catch up, but this has been a staple in the anime community making it worth the journey. Along the way, we’ve met countless characters and seen many different relationships be made; it only stands to reason that there would be a lot of romantic shipping right? Despite all the wonderful fan-made romances that are out there, we’ve brought you fifteen of the very best to rank at your leisure!

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    Zoro and Sanji

    Photo: Ginryuzaki

    Zoro and Sanji are commonly a ship because of their bitter antics in the show. Everyone loves a hate-hate ship from time to time and, as it would seem, Zoro and Sanji just happen to be that ship. We've seen these two butt heads and tease each other constantly; so much so we've even seen them both fight over who would take their life for their captain first in the Thriller Bark Arc. Despite the bickering, it's clear that they care about each other as crew mates which might be where this ship really comes from. 

    Artwork done by Ginryuzaki, whom you can find at DeviantArt

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    Shanks and Makino

    Everyone loves Shanks, but we've never heard of any real romances out there for him. Makino, on the other hand, seems fairly logical. As a mother or older sister type of figure for Luffy, we saw Shanks be that sort of father figure for him. Makino is on good terms with both Shanks and his crew, even inviting them into her bar from time to time. They seem to have a good relationship, so we could definitely see this one growing into something more! 

    Artwork done by Fruit-fragrance, whom you can find at DeviantArt

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    Sabo and Koala

    Photo: MONO-Land

    Sabo and Koala should be a fairly obvious ship; we see these two together all the time after all. People love Koala for her original backstory that included being saved by Fish Tiger and having a sweet relationship with her fishman friends. Sabo also has his touching backstory that includes his unrelated brothers, Luffy and Ace. Working together in the Revolutionary Army, it just seems simple to ship these two together. Besides, they already have semi-matching outfits right? 

    Artwork done by MONO-Land, whom you can find at DeviantArt

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    Vivi and Kohza

    Photo: Koza-Kun

    Vivi and Kohza are one of the sweetest couplings in One Piece. We know that Kohza will always go above and beyond for the love of his country, but perhaps that includes Vivi as well. They were childhood friends who co-lead the Suna Suna Clan; the name of their group of friends. During the Alabasta arc, we saw the kind of relationship these two had and simply knew it'd be a common ship among the fandom! 

    Artwork done by Koza-Kun, whom you can find at DeviantArt

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