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The Best One Piece Villains of All Time

Updated 10 Feb 2020 90.4k votes 8.7k voters 74.0k views76 items

List RulesNico Robin and Franky don't count since they eventually turned good!

Luffy and the Strawhats are great and all, but what would One Piece be without its villains? Here is our ranked list of the best One Piece villains, including bad guys from every arc since the show's start. What's great about the show is that villains in the earlier episodes can be just as loved as the more recent ones. Sure Buggy the Clown is kind of lame, but what about Arlong? He debuted in just the 31st episode of the anime, but had a really big impact on the show. All the warlords of the sea are great villains, including both Crocodile and Kuma the Tyrant. Then there are enemies like CP9, lead by Rob Lucci who was the first to make Luffy use his third gear technique. No matter who your favorite One Piece villain is, we want to hear from you. Give an upvote to the bad guys you love the most, and downvote any you think are lame. You can also add villains to the list if they're not here for some reason, so don't be afraid to do that! 
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