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The 20 Best One Punch Man Characters

One Punch Man is one of the most popular anime to appear in the past decade. One of the things that makes it so great is its excellent cast of characters.

Who are the best One Punch Man characters? Some obvious contenders are Saitama, the protagonist who can defeat anyone with a single punch. There's also his cyborg protege, Genos, or his "rival" Speed-o'-Sound Sonic. Prefer more blatantly villainous characters? There's Lord Boros, the ultimate villain of the first season who came to Earth to seek out someone who could take him on in battle. Whatever your preferences, there will be at least a few characters on this list that you vibe with. 

This list will only look at characters who either appeared in the first season, like Tatsumaki, or who have been definitively announced for Season 2, like Garou. The manga and webcomic are filled with amazing characters, but since they've yet to appear in the anime, they won't be appearing here. 

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    Metal Bat

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    As his name implies, Metal Bat carries around a Metal Bat, which he uses to carry out many of his hero duties, as well as challenge his allies if he feels like he has something to prove to them. He's deeply attached to his younger sister Zenko, who he spoils. 

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    Mumen Rider

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    Despite not being a very highly ranked hero, Mumen Rider still stands out for his good heart. No matter how challenging an enemy might be, he's willing to face them if it means helping innocent people. 

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    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

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    Speed-o'-Sound Sonic sees himself as Saitama's rival and mortal enemies despite Saitama's total apathy toward him. He's a villain who occasionally sides with the good guys when it's to his benefit, lending his ninja skills and exceptional speed to whatever cause he's chosen.

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    Lord Boros

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    Lord Boros is the leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, who came to Earth to find an opponent worthy of his immense strength. That opponent turns out to be Saitama, who is ultimately able to stop him from destroying the city.

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