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The 25 Best One Punch Man Tattoos Ever Inked

Updated May 13, 2019 1.7k votes 173 voters 3.6k views25 items

There's liking anime and then there's loving anime; the greater of these emotions may just compel you to get art of your favorite characters tattooed on your body, such as One Punch Man tattoos. As a skilled art form that requires a lot of practice, time, and knowledge, tattooing is certainly one of the most involved ways to create art out there. For anime fans, this means that there are countless artists out there who are ready to recreate some of your favorite scenes from an anime or manga, etching it into your skin so that you'll never forget it again. 

Check to see if you're as big of a One Punch Man fan as some of these dedicated viewers. Vote up for your favorite tattoos and don't forget to check out the individual artists' pages!

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    Getting Ready For The Punch

    Tattoo done by @jorgesanztattoo.

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    Genos Has Never Looked So Good

    Tattoo belongs to @ sychik777. 

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    Getting Ready For A Kill Shot

    Tattoo done by @simonkbell. 

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    Genos Is Ready For A Fight!

    Tattoo done by @simonkbell. 

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