The Best One-Season 'SNL' Cast Members

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There are essentially three reasons a cast member stayed for only one season on Saturday Night Live: they already had a career and SNL was just a stop over on the way to the top, they were talented in their own right but the fight to the top of the heap proved to be a useless and thankless task, or, they sucked. Not all the one season SNL cast members were bad, in fact some were maybe too good for the show. Which of these Saturday Night Live players who were fired after one season were the best during their short time on the show?

The futility of the fight to the top of the SNL cast heap was usually the reason for leaving Saturday Night Live. The innuendo is intentional as many actors and comedians have said that their one year at Studio 8H was one of the worst of their lives. Whether their brand of humor just didn't work in the NBC network show format or the sketches the did succeed with couldn't break through the star-studded cast the performer was playing alongside, these SNL comedians only lasted one season, but this didn't always hurt their careers.

Some one-season cast members on SNL became superstars after leaving the show. Others grew from the experience. Some were bitter and wrote books about it. Some became sentimental and sorry about their behavior as they grew older. Others don’t remember they were even on the show! In any case, some of the funniest people of all time passed through Saturday Night Live for just one season.

Of all of the SNL one-seasoners, who made the most of their short time at SNL