The Best Online Multiplayer Games

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Latest additions: Overwatch 2, Splatoon 3
Most divisive: Star Wars: Battlefront II

With the invention and exponential growth of the internet, naturally online gaming has also thrived. Internet being as fast as it is today it can (mostly) keep up with even the craziest of graphics and players can play with a few or even dozens of other gamers. What are the best online multiplayer games?

Even as recently as the early 90s, gamers would have been astonished to discover they could be playing with countless other people all across the country, in real time, from their own homes. That future has arrived and gaming has been forever changed.

There are hundreds of online games, with more being created every day. This list of the best online multiplayer games has been ranked by gamers to narrow it down and determine the best of this type of game. Vote up the best games below and see how the online multiplayer games you think are the greatest rank!
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