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The Best Online Multiplayer Shooters

Updated February 21, 2019 19.8k votes 2.8k voters 17.5k views103 items

Nearly all shooters have a multiplayer component, and this list ranks the best online multiplayer shooting games according to votes from gamers like you. It's one thing to shoot an AI enemy in the face. sure, it's fun and it's immensely satisfying to see that monster go down, but there's something so much better about sneaking up on someone played by an actual human, who actually wants to take you out, and beating them to the punch. This online multiplayer shooter games list is a guide to the video games that best allow you to do just that.

Multiplayer shooters like DayZ have a wide open expanse for you to survive in, waiting until the last possible second to jump out and ambush your prey. There's also the Call of Duty series, which these days are almost synonymous with the word "shooter," having dominated the market for years. When you're looking for the best online multiplayer shooters, this list has to be where you start!

So check out our list of online shooters and vote up your favorites. If you're a crack marksman, then rerank the list to share your own version of the best online multiplayer shooting games!
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