The Greatest Opera Singers of All Time

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Opera isn’t a genre with which the average person is very familiar. In modern entertainment, opera and theatrical drama has drawn smaller audiences than it once did years ago. However, opera can be a beautiful experience, there’s nothing quite the raw power of the skilled human voice filling an entire room, communicating drama and romance. It takes an incredibly well-trained voice to sing opera, but the musicians on this list have mastered the craft.

Who are the best opera singers of all time? The opera singers on this list are history’s all time best performers. They come from a variety of backgrounds and time periods, but the effect they had on the world of music and opera is incredible. An opera singer is a finely-tuned, highly skilled musician who has a unique, powerful voice, and can deliver a breathtaking live performance.

This list features the best opera singers in the world's history, ranked by the community. Some of the great opera singers on this list include Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Maria Callas, Plácido Domingo, and Mario Lanza. Vote up the best opera singers in history below, or add a talented opera singer who isn't already on the list.
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