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Logan Rapp
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Vine star Too Turnt Tina used a six-second video clip to propel her two million followers into using the phrase, "...or nah?" as Internet slang. The phrase originally came from the lyrics of Round2Crew's hit single, "Booty Had Me Like." These days, plenty of people are using the lyric - and it's catchy tongue click - in their "...or nah?" Vines without ever having listened to the original song. The result is pretty hilarious, so we've comprised a list of the best "...or nah?" Vines out there. 

Whether popular Vine stars like Manon Matthews are making an "...or nah?" joke, or ordinary, everyday Vine users are incorporating the phrase into their daily vernacular, we've got plenty of Vines that answer the crucial questions: Do you have a bae...or nah? Are you tryin' to date...or nah? 

Vote up the best ...or nah Vines below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section. 
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Classic Children's Books Updated With Modern Slang

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When the Whole Crew Trying to Help You Answer: Or Nah?

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You Have the Right to Remain Silent...or Nah

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Is Mama June a 10...or Nah?

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