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The Best Characters on Orange Is the New Black, Ranked

Of all the locked-up ladies and various prison staff, who's your favorite character on Orange Is the New Black? Since the hit crime series graced TV screens and monitors in 2013, the show has seen a host of characters come and go. Complete with fight scenes, inner-cell romances, and a great deal of drama, Orange Is the New Black certainly isn't for the lighthearted. Regardless, whether you're into the more well-mannered characters or those who are constantly instigating fights, everyone has their favorite type of role on the show. The bigger question here, however, is who are the best characters on Orange Is the New Black?

From the main roles of the top Netflix drama like Piper Chapman, Sam Healy, and Red to the regulars that keep things interesting, such as Larry Bloom, Crazy Eyes, and Nicky, OITNB features a long list of captivating characters. If you're a fan of the constant drama on the show and who causes it, chances are you're a fan of characters like the aforementioned Crazy Eyes, along with boss-lady Gloria Mendoza or Big Boo. Then you have the interesting characters who bring a little comic relief to each season, including Pennsatucky and the loopy Lorna Morello. In short, there's a lot to consider in determining the best Orange Is the New Black characters. 

Check out the complete list of all the Orange Is the New Black characters below and vote up the ones you think bring the most to show—or simply those you like the most. Of course, you can vote others down accordingly. If you're still new to the series or it's been a while since you've tuned in, you'll find the names of the actors and actresses below to give you some help and jog your memory.

  • 26

    John Bennett

  • 27

    Dayanara "Daya" Diaz

    Dascha Polanco
  • 28

    Larry Bloom

    Jason Biggs
  • 29

    Sam Healy

    Michael J. Harney
  • 30

    George "Pornstache" Mendez