The Best Original BET Plus Shows

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Vote up the best shows that first aired in the US on BET+.

The best BET+ shows range from drama to comedy, but that's not all this streamer has in its library. The exclusive home of programming produced by Tyler Perry as part of BET's overall deal with him, BET+ also is the home of US debuts of great international series and continuations of favorites from networks like BET and AllBlk. If you're overwhelmed by all the great streamers out there, this list ranks the best BET+ original premieres, so you can prioritize what to watch and is ranked from best to worst thanks to your votes, so you can find new favorite BET+ shows.

The Tyler Perry shows on BET+ include intense dramas like Ruthless and trademark fun comedies like Bruh. If that's not your favorite flavor of show, there is so much more, from the crime drama The Family Business to the comedy First Wives Club. BET+ also has continuations of shows like The Rich and the Ruthless and is the exclusive US home of series like the Canadian The Porter.

If you've been curious about what's streaming now on BET+, check out its originals and vote up the best series.