The Best Original Amazon Freevee TV Shows

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The best Amazon Freevee shows range from reboots of popular shows to singular new series. Launched in January 2019 as an extension of Amazon's streaming services as IMDb Freedive, which was then branded to IMDb TV and finally settled on Amazon Freevee in 2022, has become more than just a place to learn about your favorite shows, it's a place to find new faves. If you're overwhelmed by all the great streamers out there, this list ranks the best Freevee original premieres, so you can prioritize what to watch. It's even ranked from best to worst thanks to your votes, so you can find new favorite Amazon Freevee shows.

Freevee is home of several revivals of old series, such as Leverage: Redemption and Judy Justice. There are also plenty of brand-new shows from the spy thriller Alex Rider to the true crime docuseries Bug Out. You can also find shows airing for the first time in the US on Freevee like the Canadian Pretty Hard Cases. Amazon Freevee has even picked up series canceled at other networks, such as American Rust, which was canceled after one season on Showtime but moved to Amazon Freevee for its second season.

If you've been curious about what's streaming now on Amazon Freevee, check out its originals and vote up the best series.