The Best 2020 Original Streaming Platform Shows

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Only shows original series on streaming networks that premiered in 2020.

Original series from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube Premium have expanded the range of shows we watch and how we watch them. And in 2020, the options available in streaming channels is almost overwhelming. There’s Disney+ and Apple TV+ already bringing some of the best streaming shows of 2020, but contenders such as Peacock, HBO Max and Quibi wait in the wings for their respective launch dates.  There is a daring flexibility to streaming originals that more brands are embracing, and the best streaming series in 2020 are ready to shake up your TV nights.

Streaming TV platforms often acquire shows from other channels, but what they do with their original programming is impressive. The flexibility of streaming services can make it a great place for returns to old favorites, like Star Trek: Picard from CBS All Access. Apple+ brings their first anthology series with Little America and Netflix continues its relationship with the BBC for a fresh adaptation of Dracula.

Although some streaming shows still dole out episodes weekly, others let you binge a new season all at once. There are pros (no waiting for new episodes!) and cons (there are no new episodes!) to each style but however you watch them, these are the best new shows on streaming platforms in 2020. Vote up the best new shows on streaming services in 2020.

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