The Best Orlando Magic Coaches Of All Time

Who are the best Orlando Magic coaches of all time? With a team name like "Magic," you'd expect the coaching staff at Orlando to be top-notch. Every Orlando Magic coach has brought something different to the franchise - but who is the greatest leader of all? Some great leaders on this best to worst Magic coaches list prioritize defense, while other former Magic head coaches developed genius offensive plays. Many of the best Orlando Magic coaches were once pro players themselves. Who is the best Orlando Magic coach of all time? Which Magic head coaches do you love?

Brian Hill led the Magic to their first-ever appearance at the NBA finals in 1995. He was fired as head coach in 1997, but returned to the team for the 2005-2006 season. Scott Skiles is another popular coach of the Orlando Magic. Doc Rivers, who coached the Magic from 1999-2003, won NBA Coach of the Year in 2000. Other good Orlando Magic coaches featured on this list include Frank Vogel, Matt Guokas, Richie Adubato, and Stan van Gundy who led the Magic back to the finals in 2009.

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