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The Best Oscar Hosts Ever

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Who are the best Oscar hosts of alltime? This is a list of Academy Awards emcees, with photos, voted on by Oscar fans worldwide. Some are hard to argue - Bob Hope, who hosted (or co-hosted) the Academy Awards a whopping 18 times, was a phenomenal master of ceremonies. Billy Crystal is another amazing host (not surprisingly, he's hosted 8 times). Among the more recent Academy Awards hosts, several stand out as great: Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg and Jon Stewart come to mind. I've included many of my favorite Oscar emcees on this list, but feel free to add your own. And be sure to vote for your favorite hosts too!

What makes for a truly great Oscar host? First and foremost, a stellar opener is a must. You've got to capture the audience's attention and be prepared to hold it for the duration. These shows run long, so that can certainly be a challenge. Humor is always a huge plus (many on this list are comedians). Oh, and be ready to punt at a moment's notice: The Academy Awards show is live, after all, and anything can happen (just ask 1974 Oscars emcee David Niven, who dealt with a streaker).