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The Best-Ever Oscar Winners for Best Original Song

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Music and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sometimes, just a simple lyric can capture the whole essence of what a feature length motion picture is trying to convey. Of course, Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Actor are typically the most celebrated awards at the Oscars. However, we can’t overlook that there have been some absolutely incredible songs written specifically for the silver screen. Here are all of the original songs that won Oscars over the last 50 years.

The Best Original Song category was added to the Academy Awards in 1934. It’s important to note that the award is given to the songwriter(s) who compose the original song that is written explicitly for a movie. It’s not awarded to the person who performs the song. So, of course, when we think of "Let It Go" from the animated movie Frozen, we think of Idina Menzel. However, when "Let It Go" won the Oscar in 2014, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband Robert Lopez, took home the award because they wrote the music and lyrics.

Some of the biggest names in music history have penned Oscar-winning songs. Adele has never appeared in a movie, but she has more Oscars than Alfred Hitchcock, after she nabbed the award in 2013 for "Skyfall." Eminem won an Oscar for "Lose Yourself" in 2003, a song that completely captured the themes and tone of his semi-autobiographical film debut 8 Mile. Melissa Etheridge, Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Bruce Springsteen have all written songs that won Oscars.

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