The Best Oscar-Winning Movies Based on True Stories

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We don’t have the math on this or anything, but movies based on true stories tend to win more Best Picture awards at the Oscars than any other type of movie. Whether it’s because true story movies tend to lend themselves to prestige voters, or their stories are simply too large to ignore, the popularity of films based on true stories can’t be denied. Some of the films on this list date all the way back to the first ten years of the Academy Awards, and a lot of them are from as recently as 2013. So if you needed any proof that movies based on real events are a big deal, here it is. Take a look at this list of the best movies based on true stories, and start watching some of these award-winning films. Hey, maybe you'll learn something in the process.

Whether or not you’ve seen all of the movies on this list of films based on true events, you’ve probably heard of most of them. Some of the films have been praised for their historical accuracy, while others tend to not care so much about the facts. We’ve got the inside scoop on each movie, and nifty guide to show you when each film won an award. Pop some popcorn, hop up in your director’s chair and check out this list of the best Oscar winning movies based on true stories. Don’t forget to vote on your favorites!