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32 Gorgeous Fan Art Interpretations Of Overwatch Heroes

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Overwatch is one of the most popular games on the planet. With a selectable cast of 23 characters, and a rich backstory that spans over 40 years, there's plenty of inspiration to draw from when creating fan art.

Thousands of images have been created, ranging from the cartoony to the hyper-realistic. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are downright disturbing.  Characters are re-imagined with crazy new skin concepts, mashed up with other franchises, and even gender-swapped in some truly awesome pieces. Some illustrators like to explore the lore of the game. They even flesh out stories we've heard but haven't seen, like the Battle of Anubis, or the showdown between Soldier:76 and Reaper.

And of course, as with every franchise on the planet, the Internet would be remiss without some sexy versions of our favorite characters, like D.Va as a Playboy bunny, Hanzo baring his chest in an open tuxedo, or basically any illustration of Witch Mercy.

So here they are, in all shapes and sizes. The good, the bad, and the ugly: here's the best Overwatch fan art on the Internet!

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    Fear The Reaper

    Fear The Reaper
    Photo: rossdraws

    This menacing illustration from rossdraws perfectly captures Reaper's essence. "Die, die, DIE!"

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    The Battle Of Anubis

    The Battle Of Anubis
    Photo: liang-xing

    This breath-taking image from liang-xing illustrates several characters in The Battle of Anubis.

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    Soldier:76 Unmasked

    Soldier:76 Unmasked
    Photo: Einlee

    Einlee shows us a more realistic interpretation of Soldier:76 taking off his famed visor.

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    Experience Tranquility

    This gorgeous image from chasingartwork perfectly illustrates a delicate balance of man and machine.

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