The Best Overwatch League Teams Of All Time

We are ranking the best Overwatch League team of all time! In the world of competitive gaming, the Overwatch League is one of the biggest international esports league comprised of 20 city-based teams and features the best Overwatch players in the world. The top Overwatch League teams put out their strongest players to compete at the highest level of professional video gaming and every player have earned their spot on the team for their adaptability, strong communication skills, and wicked win ratios. 

Every year, the best Overwatch League teams recruit new players in order to challenge some of the best esports teams to win the grand prize. Through months of high stakes, and super competitive Overwatch matches and showdowns, it all culiminates to the finale! Which Overwatch League teams do you think are the best and brightest?

Vote up the best Overwatch League teams that you think are the best and be sure to check out the world's greatest esports teams!

  • 1
    27 votes

    San Francisco Shock

    Divison: West

    Head Coach: Park Dae-hee 


    • Jung Jin-woo
    • Kim Dong-hyun
    • Samuel Santos
    • Matthew DeLisi
    • Park Min-ki
    • Oh Se-jin
  • 2
    6 votes

    New York Excelsior

    Divison: North 

    Head Coach: Juhyeop Lee 


    • Lim Young-woo
    • Kim Jun-ki
    • Kim Min-jae
    • Seo Sang-min
    • Kang Nam-jin
  • 3
    6 votes

    Philadelphia Fusion

    Divison: South

    Head Coach: Cho Hyo-jin 


    • Lee Jae-hyeok
    • Yoon Jae-hee
    • Kim Hyun-woo
    • Kim Jun-ho
    • Kwon Min-seok
  • 4
    10 votes

    Shanghai Dragons

    Divison: East

    Head Coach: Moon Byung-chul 


    • Lee Jae-won
    • Kim Byung-sun
    • Seung-jun Lee
    • Koo Pan-seung
    • Kang Jun-woo
    • Lee Jae-gon
    • Kim Min-chul
  • 5
    17 votes

    London Spitfire

    Divison: North

    Head Coach: Christopher Graham


    • William Andersson
    • Johannes Nielsen
    • Jamie O'Neill
    • Daniel Bleinagel
    • Gael Gouzerch
    • Oliver Vahar
    • Owen Warner
  • 6
    14 votes

    Vancouver Titans

    Divison: West

    Head Coach: Steven Coronel


    • Luka Rolovic
    • Niclas Jensen
    • Maximillian Otter
    • Nick Wiseman
    • Petja Kantanen
    • Robert Lupsa
    • Park Jeong-su