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The Most Devastating Ultimate Moves In 'Overwatch'

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Overwatch has only been out since 2016, but in a few short years, we've already seen the addition of tons of new heroes, maps, and even the Overwatch League, which follows professional Overwatch teams from all over the world. With all this success, it's clear this game has secured its spot as one of the best competitive games out there. One of the reasons this game is so popular is the plethora of characters with rich and varied backgrounds.

In addition to several different hero classes, each character has their own unique ultimate ability that - if timed right - can turn the tide in favor of your team. There may be no bad ults in Overwatch, but there are clearly a few crowd favorites. 

  • Symmetra - Photon Barrier 26

    Symmetra - Photon Barrier 

    Symmetra's ultimate has seen a drastic overhaul. Photon Barrier creates a massive shield to prevent ranged attacks; it's so huge it can cover the entire map. It's incredibly strong if used before fighting starts, as it can protect against ultimates like Self-Destruct and Barrage. If you loved her teleporters, don't fret - they're still usable as a regular move.

  • Tracer - Pulse Bomb27

    Tracer - Pulse Bomb

    Tracer quickly throws her pulse bomb, which, if it lands on an enemy, will stick to them before detonating. Once stuck, there's no way to remove it, which can cause the enemy to panic - this is where Pulse Bomb really shines. Stick it to an enemy stuck in a Graviton Surge, or to a Mercy who is about to go flying to her teammate, and boom - you've got a multi-kill.

  • Doomfist - Meteor Strike28

    Doomfist - Meteor Strike

    Doomfist uses Meteor Strike to leap high into the air and come crashing down onto his enemies. This ult causes serious damage - 300 damage to those caught directly under him, and 200 to those who are nearby. Because nothing will interrupt his jump, Meteor Strike is nigh impossible to dodge if you're unfortunate enough to be in the way.

  • Winston - Primal Rage29

    Winston - Primal Rage

    Winston's Primal Rage causes him to gain a ton of health and gives him the ability to send enemies flying; however, he loses the ability to do anything besides melee attack and jump. This may seem like a huge trade-off, but an enemy hit by Winston during Primal Rage can clear practically half the map. It's a sure-fire way to get enemies off the payload or objective.

  • Widowmaker - Infra-Sight30

    Widowmaker - Infra-Sight

    Widowmaker's Infra-Sight gives her and her team the ability to see enemy locations, regardless of walls or barriers. As a sniper, being able to see enemies at all times is quite the advantage, allowing Widowmaker ample prep time to secure those headshots. Plus, the entire team gets the perk, so they're able to take out any enemies that may be hiding or setting up their own perfect shots.