23 Photos That Prove P!nk Is The Coolest Mom In Hollywood

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When thinking of P!nk, usually one imagines images of a tough, tight-bodied gal hanging from the ceiling draped in silk and glitter. If you do so as well, you would be correct, but you would also be ignoring another completely different side of Alicia Moore's personality, a more tender one. It's the one shares with husband, motorcyclist Carey Hart, as the mother of two children, Willow and Jameson. 

Though her rough side is more well known, P!nk never shies away from expressing her motherly side or her love for her family, especially on Instagram. The images collected here include some of the most heartwarming and hilarious photos of motherhood on P!nk's Instagram, and parents everywhere should take notes on P!nk being a mom. Instead of looking to her for only workout routines, consider P!nk's parental side the next time you're searching for the truth about love. She appears to have found it.