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The Best Indiana Pacers First-Round Picks In The NBA Draft

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List RulesVote based only on career success with the Indiana Pacers. Only picks made since the NBA/ABA merger (since 1977).

All Indiana Pacers first-round draft picks were made with the intention of improving the team to contend for an NBA championship. While Indiana has yet to win it all, they have made some great picks in the NBA draft throughout the years.

The Pacers of the 1990s were defined by Reggie Miller, a Hall of Famer who belongs on the list of best NBA players of all time. All-Star Danny Granger came along in the mid-2000s, while Paul George, one of the top basketball players right now, was taken by the Pacers with the 10th pick in 2010.

So, which of these players had the biggest overall impact positively on the Pacers? These stats shown only reflect the players’ time spent with Indiana, and that’s what you should base your vote on: Did this player help improve the Pacers?

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